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What are Jon Renau Hair Wigs?

Wigs by Jon Renau have become customer favorites due to their amazing design, style, and color options. Wig purchasers seek an experience that combines supreme ‘looks’ and unparalleled ‘feel’. Jon Renau products feature fashion forward designs for every occasion, intricate cap designs that look natural and are comfortable to wear, fiber selection that is second to none and a unique color palette that inspires adventure and sophistication.

The LA Wig Company is proud to partner with Jon Renau and curates a full assortment of wigs ranging from Synthetic, Heat Defiant and Remy Human Hair.  View our large collection of styles like Blake, Cameron, Kim, and many more! Unbeatable Prices, Free Shipping and No Fee Returns

FAQs about Jon Renau Hair Wigs:

  • Are Estetica Designs wigs good quality?
    Estetica Designs is committed to manufacturing the finest human hair and synthetic wigs. They take great pride in the craftsmanship of their products and believe that comfort and style should go hand in hand.
  • What are the advantages of the different fibers in the Wigs?
    Traditional Synthetic wigs require the least maintenance, while heat resistant synthetic wigs have a more natural texture, human hair has the most natural feel but requires the most maintenance and investment.
  • How should I store my wig?
    Many like to store their wig on a stand, hanger, or mannequin head. If you leave your wig in the wig box, make sure to take it out and give it a good shake every so often to avoid cold set.
  • Can I make alterations to my Wig?
    Wigs can be altered but it is suggested that you go to an experienced wig alterer.
  • Can I color my Jon Renua hair piece?
    Synthetic or Heat Friendly fiber will not take color. However, Human Hair can be colored.
  • Will heat affect my Jon Renua wig?
    It depends on the fibers. Synthetic hair is not designed for heat. Heat Friendly fibers can withstand a low amount of heat from styling tools as long as you keep it around 250-280 degrees. Human hair can be styled with heating tools the same as natural hair.
  • Can I use regular shampoo on my Jon Renau wig?
    We recommend you use specific Jon Renau wig care products. Other products can have chemicals that are too harsh or will wear the fiber out quicker.
  • How long will my synthetic wig last?
    The time frame can vary greatly depending on care and lifestyle. Typically, with proper maintenance your wig can last up to 6 months. Having more than one wig to rotate between will help prolong the lifespan of your wig.

About Jon Renau

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