Blake Large by Jon Renau – Remy Human Hair Wig


Jon Renau Blake Wig is Long Layered, Remy Human Hair Wig: The Jon Renau crown jewel, Layers of Luxury, embodies unparalleled sophistication. Featuring a Large Cap

Color Shown: 1BBlake by Jon Renau - Review by Isabel

Jon Renau Human Hair Color Chart

Blake Also Available in Renau Exclusive Colors

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Jon Renau Blake – Large Cap : Lace Front-Monofilament, Remy Human Hair Wig

The Jon Renau Blake Wig is Long Layered, Remy Human Hair Wig: The Jon Renau crown jewel, Layers of Luxury, embodies unparalleled sophistication. Expert artisans meticulously hand-tie every strand of the finest Remy human hair onto a 100% hand-tied SmartLace stretch cap. This meticulous process ensures the epitome of perfection, delivering a flawless blend of natural-looking and lustrous hair. Discover the limitless possibilities of effortless elegance. Large Cap

Blake Specifications:

CAP DESIGN: Lace Front-Single Monofilament, 100% Hand Tied
CROWN: 17″
SIDE: 16″-17″
NAPE: 16″
HAIR TYPE: Jon Renau Remy Human Hair Wig
LENGTH: Long Wig
STYLE: Layered Wig
TEXTURE: Straight Wig

Jon Renau Features:

  1. Remy Human Hair Wig:
    • Definition: Remy hair maintains cuticle integrity, ensuring all hair strands flow in one direction.
    • Characteristics: High-quality, healthy hair with intact cuticles.
    • Benefits: Natural look and feel.
    • Explore Remy Human Hair Wigs by LA Wig Company
  2. Human Hair Wig:
    • Definition: Wigs made from harvested human hair, mimicking natural hair.
    • Characteristics: Can be cut, styled, and heated like biological hair.
    • Benefits: Versatility in styling.
  3. Lace Front Wig:
    • Definition: Features a sheer lace mesh at the front of the wig cap.
    • Characteristics: Individual hairs hand-tied onto lace for a natural appearance.
    • Benefits: Lightweight, comfortable, versatile styling.
  4. Monofilament Cap Wig:
    • Definition: Each hair is tied to a soft lace material by hand, mimicking scalp hair growth.
    • Characteristics: Part can be styled in any direction for a natural look.
    • Benefits: Realistic appearance.
  5. 100% Hand Tied Wig:
    • Definition: Entire cap is hand-tied, allowing natural movement.
    • Characteristics: Mimics the flow of natural hair.
    • Benefits: Exceptional realism.
  6. Large sized Cap Large cap wigs fit a head circumference of between 22.5 and 23.5 inches and are designed for those with larger diameter head sizes. Normally, they are an inch larger than average size wigs. Most wigs have straps that give up to a half inch adjustment for a comfortable secure fit.



Weight 6.2 oz
Tap Color Swatch & View in Product Gallery - Jon Renau Colors

1B – Soft Black, 4 – Dark Brown, 4/27/30 – Dk Brown, Lt Red-Gold Blonde & Red-Gold Blend, 6 – Brown, 6/33 – Brown & Med Red Blend, 6F27 – Brown w/ Light Red – Gold Blonde Highlights & Tips, 8 – Medium Brown, 8/30 – Medium Brown & Medium Red – Golden Blend, 12/30BT – Light Golden Brown & Medium Red – Golden Blend w/ Medium Red-Golden Tips, 14/26 – Medium Natural Ash Blonde & Medium Red – Golden Blonde Blend, 14/88H – Light Natural Blonde & Light Natural Gold Blonde Blend, 24BRH18 – Dark Natural Ash Blonde w/ 33% Light Golden Blonde Highlights, FS26/31 – Medium Natural Red Brown w/ Medium Red Gold Blonde Bold Highlights, CHOCOLATE CHERRY – FS2V/31V – Black/Brown Violet, Medium Red/Violet Blend w/ Red/Violet Bold Highlights, MIDNIGHT COCOA – FS4/33/30A – Dark Brown, Medium Red, Medium Natural Red Blonde/ Brown Blend w/ Medium Natural Red Blonde/Brown Blend Bold Highlights, TOFFEE TRUFFLE FS6/30/27 – Brown, Medium Red-Gold Blonde Blend w/ Medium Gold Blonde Bold Highlights, STRAWBERRY SYRUP – FS27 – Medium Natural Red & Light Gold Blonde Blend w/ Light Gold Blonde Bold Highlights