The Rene Of Paris Wigs Collection

Rene of Paris wigs combine comfort with the latest fashions.


Widely known for exquisite color blends, stunning ombré colors, and long-rooted natural-looking tones. The latest trends are pushing the boundaries of color and René of Paris has stepped up to the plate. Rich, vibrant colors such as our blue-steel Illumina-R, show-stopping Plumberry Jam-LR, softly daring Pastel Blue-R, and alluring Blueberry Burst are already making waves in the wig industry.

Rene of Paris wigs have added a layer of awesomeness by including a new lace front mono part to the cap construction of select styles. Natural-looking hairlines and skin-like monofilament parts give the confidence needed to change things up and play with the style more than ever before!

A variety of hairstyles ranging from rocking pixie cuts, daring A-line styles or long luxurious locks and fun beach wave curls.

Choosing a wig hairstyle can be like choosing an outfit for the day, or for a night out in the town.

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