Blake Renau Exclusive – Remy Human Hair Wig


The Jon Renau luxury crown jewel: Each strand of our Remy human hair undergoes meticulous hand-tied craftsmanship by artisan wigmakers. Paired with a 100% hand-tied SmartLace stretch cap, our wigs embody unparalleled quality, offering limitless possibilities for natural, lustrous hair.

Colors Shown: FS17-101S18 (Palm Springs Blonde), FS26-31S6, 27T613S8
Available in Additional Colors

Blake by Jon Renau - Review by Isabel

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Blake Renau Exclusive by Jon Renau: Lace Front-Monofilament, Remy Human Hair Wig

Blake-Renau Exclusive by Jon Renau is a Human Hair Wig: Layers of luxury are our crown jewel. Artisan wigmakers hand-tie each strand of remy human hair — the highest quality available — to a 100% hand tied SmartLace stretch cap, perfecting the look, feel and limitless possibilities of lustrous, natural hair.

Jon Renau Blake-Renau Exclusive Specifications:

CAP DESIGN: Lace Front, Single Monofilament, 100% Hand Tied
CAP SIZE: Average
CROWN: 17″
SIDE: 16″-17″
NAPE: 16″
HAIR TYPE: Remy Human Hair Wig
LENGTH: Long Wig
STYLE: Layered Wig
TEXTURE: Straight Wig

Jon Renau Features:

  1. Remy Human Hair Wig:
    • Definition: Remy hair maintains cuticle integrity, ensuring all hair strands flow in one direction.
    • Characteristics: High-quality, healthy hair with intact cuticles.
    • Benefits: Natural look and feel.
    • Explore Remy Human Hair Wigs by LA Wig Company
  2. Human Hair Wig:
    • Definition: Wigs made from harvested human hair, mimicking natural hair.
    • Characteristics: Can be cut, styled, and heated like biological hair.
    • Benefits: Versatility in styling.
  3. Lace Front Wig:
    • Definition: Features a sheer lace mesh at the front of the wig cap.
    • Characteristics: Individual hairs hand-tied onto lace for a natural appearance.
    • Benefits: Lightweight, comfortable, versatile styling.
  4. Monofilament Cap Wig:
    • Definition: Each hair is tied to a soft lace material by hand, mimicking scalp hair growth.
    • Characteristics: Part can be styled in any direction for a natural look.
    • Benefits: Realistic appearance.
  5. 100% Hand Tied Wig:
    • Definition: Entire cap is hand-tied, allowing natural movement.
    • Characteristics: Mimics the flow of natural hair.
    • Benefits: Exceptional realism.


Weight 6.2 oz
Tap Color Swatch & View in Product Gallery - Jon Renau Colors

4RN – Dark Brown (Renau Natural), 6RN – Brown (Renau Natural), 8RN – Medium Brown (Renau Naturals), FS12/26RN – Medium Gold Blonde & Medium Red-Gold Blonde (Renau Naturals), 22F16S8 Venice Blonde, 24B22RN – Light Natural Blonde & Light Natural Gold Blonde Blend (Renau Naturals), 24BT18S8 – Medium Natural Ash & Light Natural Gold Blonde Blend. Shaded w/ Medium Brown, Platinum – 613_102S8, SHADED PRALINE 12FS8 – Light Golden Brown, Light Natural Golden Blonde & Pale Natural Gold-Blonde Blend. Shaded w. Medium Brown, SHADED PRALINES n CREAM 14/26S10 Medium Natural Ash Blonde & Medium Red Golden Blonde Blend. Shaded w/ Light Brown, PALM SPRINGS BLONDE – FS17_101S18 – Light Ash Blonde w/ Pure White Natural Violet, Shaded w/ Dark Natural Ash Blonde, MALIBU BLONDE 12FS12 – Light Golden Brown, Light Natural Gold Blonde & Pale Natural Gold Blonde Blend, Shaded w/ Light Gold Brown., LAGUNA BEACH BLONDE – FS24_102S12 – Light Gold Brown w/ Pale Natural Gold Blonde Blend. Shaded w/ Medium Brown, SALTED CARAMEL FS26/31S6 – Medium Natural Red Brown w/ Medium Red Gold Blonde Bold Highlights. Shaded w/ Brown, SHADED SUN 27T613S8 – Medium Natural Red – Golden Blonde & Pale Natural Gold Blonde Blend and Tips. Shaded Medium Brown