Reviews by Isabel: Jon Renau easiPieces.

Introducing: easiPieces by Jon Renau

How do you get from Voom to VaVaVoom? Read on and let me show you the way!

What are easiPieces?

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EasiPieces from Jon Renau delivers dramatic transformation to your look in a matter of seconds by offering varying levels of instant, clip-in volume. Whether you have biological hair or a topper, easiPieces is a great accessory to consider. The end product is a fullness that looks natural and completely undetectable.

Jon Renau EasiPieces were released in early 2020 as a new and innovative hair volumizing system. The key terms here are “volumizing” as distinct from traditional hair extensions. “System” because this is a collection of clip in hairpieces that can be applied individually or in multiples in order to achieve fullness and volume like you have never seen. EasiPieces are a subtle addition to biological hair or a terrific companion to a topper.

Styling Options with EasiPieces.

LINK: Shop Jon Renau Easipieces.

EasiPieces are only available in remy human hair. The hair is arranged in delicate, fine strips, attached to a slim polyurethane base and applied with pressure sensitive clips. The low profile strips lie flat against the head and this ensures no bunching or bulkiness. The final result is a subtle, light weight and very pleasing addition. EasiPieces are available in combinations of 3 widths and 3 lengths and are designed with customization and variety in mind.

Widths: 4”, 6”, 9” and Lengths: 8”, 12”, 16” (so 6”x 12” or 4”x 8” etc)

For longer hair that thins towards the ends, you can add a single EasiPiece at your nape to provide volume or alternatively apply it to your sides and back to create a complete all around fullness. You will smile and shimmy in the mirror when you see the results. EasiPieces are easy to fit and almost cry out for experimentation and creativity. Layer on 25 color alternatives, that include the Renau Naturals and California Blondes, and your combinations can become dizzying and exciting.

easiPieces Color Availability:

1B, 4, 4RN, 4/27/30, 4/33, 6, 6RN, 6F27, 6/33, 8, 8RN, 8/30, 10H24B, 12/30BT, 14/24, 22MB, 27B, 27MB, 31/26, 33, 613RN, 12FS8, 12FS12, 14/26S10, 22F16S8, 24B/27CS10, 24B613S12, 24B18S8, FS2V/31V, FS4/33/30A, FS6/30/27, FS17/101S18, FS24/102S12, FS26/31S6

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Below are some of the suggestions for selecting and fitting easiPieces direct from Jon Renau.

We’re going to show you how to choose your own easiPieces so that you can create your own custom full-volume hairstyle. We’ll also give you tips on how to apply them, so you can feel confident that your look is completely seamless and secure. 

How do you select the right easiPieces for you?  

Step 1: Color

Use a Jon Renau human hair color ring to find the color that best matches your biological hair or topper . The color of your topper and your easiPieces do not necessarily need to match. You can choose different colors for each of your easiPieces depending on where you plan to clip them. For example, because the hair at your nape area is generally darker than the hair around your face, so you can choose the colors of your easiPieces to reflect that.

Step 2: Length

You should measure from the middle of the back of your head to the end of your biological hair or topper hair  Do the same for the sides of you head. This will give you the lenghts and widths of easiPieces you need. If you are in-between lengths, choose the longer length. An alternative hair specialist can trim as reqin order to determine the length required.

Step 3: Width

Based on the areas that need more volume, choose your correct width. If you need some guidance, these are our recommendations on which sizes fit best on the different areas of the head: 4” width – Sides of head | 6” width – Nape area | 9” width – Crown area

How do you apply Jon Renau easiPieces?

Start by sectioning your biological hair with a comb. Apply your easiPieces first and then apply your topper.

If you are applying easiPieces to all three areas of your head, start with the nape area and clip the top portion of your hair out of the way. Continue in this manner with the crown area and sides until all your easiPieces have been applied. You can then apply your topper to finish your look!

For additional security and grip, we recommend lightly backcombing your bio hair and spraying with our new Pick Me Up Dry Shampoo. The dry shampoo gives the hair texture and makes it easier for the clips to stay attached.



To learn more, watch our step-by-step video which demonstrates how to choose and apply your easiPieces.

Watch the video


Where to Buy Easipieces by Jon Renau.

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