Carrie by Jon Renau in FS2V_31V Chocolate Cherry

Reviews by Isabel: Carrie Wig by Jon Renau

Jon Renau Carrie Wig Reviews

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Carrie Wig by Jon Renau Reviews introduces freedom from restrictions and a celebration of opportunities, choices and variety. Do whatever you want. Do it whenever you want. This is the spirit of the Carrie wig from Jon Renau. The combination of 100% Human Hair and Jon Renau’s fabulous cap designs of  will allow you to experiment and play with this hair product.  You can style it in whatever manner takes your fancy and maintain a natural look with comfort and confidence. Wig Reviews by Isabel is proud to give you the Jon Renau Carrie Wig Review.

Styling Options with Carrie.

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Carrie is a classic shorter length bob with simple and sleek layering that sits comfortably around the shoulders. It is a very manageable mid length, somewhere between not too long and not too short. Carrie presents a world of styling opportunities. The Carrie comes out of the box with a slight flip but loose ponytails, half ups and full up dos are all made possible by the length. You can also accessorize with headbands and claw clips to create a world of  endless opportunities to complement your lifestyle or any occasion. A night at the ball park, a business meeting or a fancy evening of celebration, Carrie will match the mood and make you shine



Carrie is a 100% human hair wig. Jon Renau is renowned for selecting the highest quality fibers that are hand tied to create hair products that look natural and also move naturally with the turn of the head or bounce with movement. Given that human hair can accept heat and styling products the ability to customize your Carrie becomes infinite. Curl it, create waves and or flat iron in straight is a check , check and another check. Do whatever you want and do it whenever you want.

Carrie Cap Construction.

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Carrie is a part of Jon Renau’s awesome SmartLace Collection. This means that it incorporates all of the magic and versatility made possible by the latest in wig technology. The exquisite lace front allows for a meticulous hairline that is almost invisible to anything but the closest scrutiny. This allows for off-the face styling that is not possible with lesser products. The monofilament top creates the appearance of a natural scalp and allows for multidirectional parting.. part to the left, part to the right.. no problem….whatever you want. The open wefting at the back of the cap allows for temperature control and ensures that the scalp remains cool and the velvet ear tabs and rear tightening straps enable the wig to be secured with comfort.

Carrie Color Options.

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Carrie is available in a full assortment of amazing colors including 17 Renau Exclusive colors. Renau’s super successful California Blondes collection of shaded tones and the remarkable Renau Naturals (RN) lines are available. When you lift Carrie in a Renau Naturals color from the box for the first time it is impossible to ignore the warmer tones. These colors are made possible by a technique that avoids the use of dyes and professional colorists to customize it  later if required.
Carrie is absolute versatility and freedom in the extreme. It’s design and construction bring the wearer extraordinary choices in color and style. Flip it, curl it…. the world is your oyster. Love it!
TOP 5 Customer Favorite Carrie Exclusive Colors: 4RN, 12FS8, 6RN, 613/102S8, and 22/16S8

Where to Buy Carrie by Jon Renau.

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