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Reviews by Isabel – Crushing on Casual by Raquel Welch

Crushing on Casual Raquel Welch Wig Review

Short in length but long on style, sophistication and possibilities. The Raquel Welch Crushing on Casual wig has been a wow since its launch in 2017. This style can go casual or it can go formal and can be an everyday, go-to style for its simplicity and easy to wear.

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Styling Options:

The Crushing on Casual Raquel Welch wig is a sensational, short, sassy boy cut pixie. Characterized by a short 3 ½ inch fringe that is cut to a slight angle making it easy to wear it down or swept to the side. Very short at the sides (1 ½ inches) but just enough to feather the ears and slightly longer layering at the crown (3 ½ inches) to give it surprising fullness and volume. The style tapers nicely to the nape (2 ¼ inches) which is a clean razor cut for precision and elegance. The longer layers and volume at the crown allow you to finger comb Crushing on Casual into a textured, piecey look or simply wear it out of the box as a soft, straight and full. The styling options are considerable but more than anything the Raquel Welch Crushing on Casual wig is easy to own, easy to manage, easy to style and easy to look good.

Crushing on Casual is part of the Raquel Welch Signature Collection and is made from Raquel Welch’s Vibralite fiber. This is a synthetic fiber that has been developed by Raquel Welch to provide a stunning natural look and the feel of protein rich hair. The fiber will hold its original styling and is ready to go at a moment’s notice. No fuss.. shake and go!

Crushing on Casual by Raquel Welch in Sugared Licorice - Front1Crushing on Casual by Raquel Welch in Sugared Licorice - sideCrushing on Casual by Raquel Welch in Sugared Licorice - side1Crushing on Casual by Raquel Welch in Sugared Licorice - side

Crushing on Casual Wig by Raquel Welch Cap Construction.

Raquel Welch’s Crushing on Casual Wig is created around the exquisite Memory Cap 3 base with a lace front and a monofilament top. The wefts flex and stretch and mold comfortably and shape nicely to the head. The stretchy ribs are covered in a layer of silicone which in unique to Raquel Welch wigs and prevents slipping and sliding and ultimately a more secure, confident fit.  It is the sheer awesomeness of this cap that would allow the wearer to use Crushing on Casual as an everyday wig. The wig cap incorporates a monofilament top that promotes styles that involve a parting. Part to the left or the right or even in the center and the monofilament makes each look natural and stylish. The cap also incorporates the delicate and magical temple to temple lace front that creates the most discrete and almost undetectable hair line that makes Raquel Welch wigs so great. The fiber is hand tied into the lace front to create a subtle and totally natural hairline and this promotes all kinds of off the face styling options that give this wig so much styling versatility.

Color Options.

26 Vibralite color options are available for Crushing on Casual by Raquel Welch. Included are 10 Shadow Shades which have become immensely popular in Raquel Welch wigs in the past few years. Shadow Shades feature a darker color depth at the root which simulates more natural growing hair. These colors are often denoted in the color descriptions with “SS” in the color code.  Crushing on Casual looks spectacular in all of the colors but the style particularly lends itself to grey and platinum with R56/60 Silver Mist, SS613 Platinum – Shadow Shades or SS44/60 Sugared Licorice – Shadow Shades

Crushing on Casual Raquel Welch Wig Review Summary:

Crushing on Casual by Raquel Welch is easy style and sophistication in a short boy cut pixie. Wear it every day in comfort and confidence and change it up from soft and straight to textured and piecey in moments. Casual and carefree for the weekend or smooth and straight for a night out on the town. Price: $356

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