Gray is Chic. Gray Wigs are all the Rage.

Gray wigs have gone chic and fashion writers have declared grey hair to be the height of style for all demographics. Some have even gone so far as to call it the new blonde. As demand for grey hair has grown, the m wig manufacturers have followed and released broad selections of grey color options.  Reviews from Isabel at the LA Wig Company examines the trend and what it means for wig wearers.

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Grey Hair Fashion

The original trend can be attributed to fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier who stormed the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week in 2015 with silver haired models. Since then Grey has broadened its appeal for young people changing their hair color and the older generation eager to embrace their natural grays. Additions of blues, reds and purples have added a contemporary and lively note to a hair color that was previously hidden or concealed. Coloring hair gray often can be damaging to the health of the hair. The process can also be complex and costly in a salon and wig manufacturers have launched grey and platinum wig collections onto the market provide as an easier solution.

Grey Wigs for Older Ladies

As older ladies seek out shades of grey that emulate their bio hair they are beginning to find a broader number of choices of grey that range from White (Color 60) to more darker shades with 25% Grey. What started out as just one to two color options in grey a few years ago has expanded broadly to 5-10 grey colors for each manufacturer.  Human Hair offerings are still quite small but the Ellen Wille Prime Power collection of blended human hair/synthetic styles offers a selection of predominantly short grey wigs that promise the styling advantages of synthetic fiber with the look and feel of human hair. Raquel Welch’s Tru2Life collection curates approximately 20 Heat Defiant gray wigs including popular styles such as Advanced French, Classic Cut and Editor’s Pick. Rene of Paris, Noriko and Amore’s offering is largely centered around short gray wigs with plenty of bob and pixie styles to choose from. From the short tussled look to the sleek and smooth bob, grey wigs are now available and able to satisfy most style preferences.   In total the LA Wig Company offers over 220 Grey Wig styles from Jon Renau, Amore, Rene of Paris, Estetica Designs, Ellen Wille and Raquel Welch.

Ready for Takeoff by Raquel Welch in Iced Granita- FrontCrowd Pleaser by Raquel Welch in Iced Granita - FrontNala-by-Amore-in-Rose-Gold-front

Styles Shown: Ready for Takeoff by Raquel Welch | Crowd Pleaser by Raquel Welch | Amal by Rene of Paris | Nala by Amore

Gray Wigs for the Younger Generation

As gray expands its appeal into the younger generations, the manufactures have released color shades that are more brash and fashionable than the traditional wigs with grey hair. Raquel Welch’s Iced Granita and Palest Pearl shades have rapidly become bestselling colors and Rene of Paris, Amore and Noriko’s Illumina offers a fashion forward and contemporary option to an array of edgy styles like Vada, Tessa and Zion. In 2020, Jon Renau released the Arctic Collection made up of five novel colors that were variants of gray/silver. Flurry, a pewtery lilac; Frost, a pearly, barely blushing pink; Glacier, a bright, icy blue; Storm, a sharp silver; and Sleet, a luminescent platinum.

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Noriko Tessa gray wigRachel by Jon Renau in 60S18 (Sleet)

Styles shown: Zion by Noriko | Tessa by Noriko | Flirt Alert by Raquel Welch | Rachel by Jon Renau

Gray Wigs for Men

Wigs with Gray Hair make up a significant part of the overall color options available for Men’s Wigs. HIM’s collection of Men’s grey wigs come in a range of 6 grey colors that range from 10% gray to 90% gray. Out of an overall color offering of 10-12 shade options it is clear to see the importance of wigs with gray hair to the collection.

Classic by HIM in M56SReserved by HIM in M44S

Styles shown: Classic by Him | Distinguished by HIM | Reserved by HIM

Gray Hair Wigs Online.

The LA Wig Company has become a popular destination for grey wigs online. With over 220 grey wig options that have been beautifully curated for a great shopping experience. Complete with great pricing, free shipping and easy returns, the LA Wig Company is the destination for the best gray wigs. They can be found online at

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