Bad hair caused by Covid 19

Covid 19. It doesnt have to be a bad hair day

LA Wig Company solves the Covid 19 Bad Hair Day.

“It doesn’t have to be a bad hair day” proclaimed AJ, a manager from LA Wig Company ( Covid fatigued women face hair salons that are closed or restricted and are turning to wigs as the solution. Online wig retailers are seeing a wave of new customers seeking to fill the uncertainty and discomfort with wigs and hairpieces.

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Salon Closures During Covid:

As of today hair salons remain closed in a number of states owing to Covid 19 precautions. Given their status as non-essential services they have become subject to rapid closure and slow reopening. State authorities have added restrictions on reopening salons to include distancing, masks and general discomfort. The carefree hubbub of 2019 has gone. The internet is awash with ‘do it yourself’ measures gone wrong and illicit trips to homebased stylists. As the Zoom call becomes the new company meeting, many ladies are lamenting the absence of hair styling and coloring services. Many are just suffering through the consequences but it doesn’t have to be a bad hair day.

Online Wig Retailers Fill the Gap

Over the Covid 19 period many wig manufacturers are reporting spikes in sales from online retailers. Traditional brick and mortar wig stores are closed in conjunction with hair salons and increasingly customers are taking to the internet to save the day. The LA Wig Company, based in Southern California, has seen a rapid rise in new customers throughout the period. Not only customers redirecting their purchasing from wig stores but also customers discovering wigs for the first time as an alternative to bearing their roots. Converts to wigs have been delighted by the immediate results. “We have seen a distinct change in our business since the start of Covid. The trend appears to be continuing even after the salons have begun reopening.” said AJ.

Wig Design for Comfort and a Natural Look.

The alternative hair industry has seen an increase in online purchasing over the past few years. Largely driven by a new clientele who are seeking styling and color options to accessorize their daily looks. Lace fronts and monofilaments built into wig caps have afforded customers the most comfortable experience and presented styling options that can ensure a natural look. Advances in coloring and manufacturing have boosted the appeal of synthetic wigs and price points have come down. The result is a broader audience for wigs and hairpieces. Finally the emergence of strong industry brands with strong quality assurance like Jon Renau, Noriko, Rene of Paris and Raquel Welch have simplified and streamlined the online buying process. Customers simply select a Carrie by Jon Renau or a Rene of Paris Bailey in the chosen color and it arrives at the door. Simple, easy and all from the security of home.

LA Wig Company

LINK: Shop Noriko and Raquel Welch Wigs. Use Coupon NO30 for 30% Savings.

The LA Wig Company (Los Angeles Wig Company) was founded in 2016 with a goal of making women “Look Classy and Feel Fabulous”. They represent only the finest wig manufacturers with great product lines and unparalleled quality assurance. The online experience is more boutique than mall and the prices are the best. They can be found at





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