Can you swim with a wig?

Can you swim with a wig?

Life does not have to end when you choose to wear a wig and resuming normal life and doing the things that you love is often very important to wig wearers. So in answer to the question… of course you can enjoy the lake, ocean or pool and yes you can swim with a wig on but be careful. You have your wig investment and your modesty to protect. This article will show you how to swim with a wig and ensure your wig remains safe.

Swim..Yes. Dive..Best Not

Paddling and swimming are fine but you should avoid getting your hair wet and definitely avoid immersing your head in the water.  A swim cap is certainly an option to keep the water off and will help keep your hair in place while in the water but be ever so careful removing it. Damage to the delicate lace front is easy to do and removing the cap and keeping the wig in position could also pose challenges.

Water Damage.

Sea water or Pool water can cause significant damage to a wig largely because of the chemicals involved. If exposed you may experience frizzing at a minimum and greater fiber and cap damage if you are not careful.  The salt in sea water will dry out a wig, making it dry, dull and brittle and will also weaken the elastic around the wig cap. Chlorine from pool water will not interact well with synthetic hair and should be avoided.

 Choose your beach/pool wig or style with care.

If you intend to swim it would be advisable to keep your expensive remy human hair at home. Try a shorter, synthetic, less expensive wig just in case you get cannonballed by your grandson when you weren’t quite ready. Pixie cuts are ideal if you can make it work.  Alternatively plan to on braids or a bun to reduce the surface area and the chances of getting wet. If you think that there is a chance your hair will be getting wet then another plan is to look for waterproof tape or glue. Normal adhesives are not 100% waterproof and will break down and loose their stick if they are over exposed to water.

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After Swim Care.

Despite all of your best efforts to avoid getting your wig wet at the pool or at the beach it is likely that you arent going to be 100% successful. As a precaution against lasting damage be sure to wash your wig immediately on getting home and then apply leave in conditioner to ensure the fiber retains its moisture and shine.

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Can I swim with a wig on? Absolutely. Enjoy yourself but try to avoid extensive exposure to water. Plan it out and take precautions to ensure that your investment is protected and your hair remains in place.

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