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How to Make Wigs Look Real?

How to make wigs look real?

Wig wearing, especially in the early stages, can be a storm of anxiety, stress and self consciousness. At the core of the concern is the burning question of “will they know?”. We have all seen the seen the badly fitting wig, the wig with that artificial shine and the un-natural hair line. Veterans have learned how to make their wigs look real and natural by developing tactics and tricks.  Here are some suggestions and recommendations.

  • Wigs Care is Key

Almost all wigs arrive with clear and easy to follow instructions for ongoing care. These instructions are based on years of experience and will teach you how to make your wig look natural and how to extend the life of your wig. Failure to adhere to these instructions can lead to fraying, frizzing, tangling and damage and ultimately an unnatural appearance. Use shampoos and conditioners recommended by the manufacturer if possible and if this is not the case it it is imperative to use products designed for synthetic hair and human hair. Leave in sprays and conditioners at night or during storage will work wonders on restoring the moisture and color in the fiber and prevent fading and drying out. Wig combs and brushes will reduce cap damage from unnecessary tugging and pulling and be sure to use them constantly to keep the tangles down. Wig stands or mannequins will help the wig cap maintain it’s shape and keep your wig fitting correctly.

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  • How replacing wigs on time can ensure a natural look.

Wigs, like everything else, have a useful life and wearing them too long can make it hard for your wig to look real and natural. Synthetic wigs will generally last 3-6 months and Human Hair wigs from 6 to 12 months. Longevity is obviously a factor of how often the item is worn and the amount of care it receives but at some point the colors begin to fade, the fiber looses its luster and bounce and the cap looses it’s stretch and shape. The fit becomes less secure and the look loses it’s out of the box appearance. It is always advisable to have a spare and a back up around the house because deterioration can happen quickly and at any time.

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  • How to make synthetic wigs look real by dulling the shine

Synthetic wigs in particular have a tendency to look too shiny. While technology has advanced in synthetic fiber construction, the plastic gleam is still a wig reality in certain light and environments. Reducing the gleam will help to make the wig look more natural. These two simple hacks will teach you how to make synthetic wigs look real and natural. The first is Baby Power. Apply baby powder with a makeup brush or wig brush lightly and evenly over the wig starting at the crown. Brush downwards.  Shake out when complete. Start with less and build up to more as required but whatever you do ensure that the wig is absolutely dry before doing this. The second is Dry shampoo. Spritz some dry shampoo on each layer of your wig and the garish gleam will be gone.
  • How to make wigs look real by giving it a Trim.

Sometimes wigs look un-natural because they are so perfect…. too perfect. Reality is often less than perfect. Taking your new wig to a stylist for a trim may help to soften the styling.  A trim here and a thin there may help to customize the piece to your face and features and some additional layers or edges may give it a more imperfect look.  It goes without saying that all changes are permanent so be sure to style with care.

  • Choosing the right Wig Cap Construction a fabulous natural look.

Some wig cap features can make your wig look natural. Lace Front wigs with their delicate and often invisible hairlines can look very real and allow for off the face styling options that mimic bio hair convincingly. Monofilament caps give the appearance of real scalp and natural hair growth. They enable hair parting in either direction and endless styling options. Hand Tied wigs also provide an additional level of natural hair movement that makes it hard to tell wig from reality. Rather than being limited to a single out of the box style, the styling versatility offered by these features gives the wearer the freedom to experiment and create a  look that that looks fabulous and natural.

  • Shaded/Gradient/Rooted Colors can give a wig more Natural Color.

Wig designers have moved heavily into new gradients, shaded and rooted colors. The color assortments have moved away from un-natural looking single colors and into a spectrum of blended options inspired by contemporary hair styling. Rooted options provide natural looking highlights against a darker base emulating natural re-growth. Gradient options produce a blending of style shades that reproduce the flair and variety of salon coloring. Highlights, lowlights, ombre’s and balayages are all possible. These options further enhance the natural appearance of modern wigs and make them look amazingly real.

Color Examples Shown with Links:

Flirting with Fashion by Raquel Welch in Shaded Platinum, Lexy by Noriko in Champagne Rooted, Zara by Jon Renau in Malibu Blonde

Flirting With Fashion by Raquel Welch in Shaded Platinum - FrontLexy by Noriko in Champagne RootedZara by Jon Renau in 12FS12 (Malibu Blonde)

  • Proper Fitting for a more Natural Look.

Wigs that do not fit correctly are a quick give away. Sometimes the difference between a natural looking wig and an-unnatural looking wig is a little simple adjustment. It starts with ensuring that you purchase the correct cap size. An oversized wig will slip and slide uncontrollably resulting in an ill fitting look that is not easy to ignore. Similarly a undersized wig will be restrictive and uncomfortable and give that scrunched look around the nape and hairline. Most wigs are offered in Average size which is ideal for a head size between 21.5 and 22.5 inches although offerings of Petite Sized (20-21.25 inches) and Large Sized (22.5-23.5inches.) are also common.  Most wigs have velcro straps that give up to a half inch adjustment for a comfortable secure fit.

  • Summary

In the this article we showed how to make wigs look real and how to make wigs look natural. Start with the right sized wig that fits properly, a lace front and monofilament top will help, select some blended coloring and style it like it’s your own hair. Take care of it in the right manner and your wig will look real.

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