Can you shower with a wig on?

Can you shower with a wig on?

The simple answer is that it is best not to shower with your wig on. Water can create the hair fiber to frizz and matt and untangling it causes pulling and tugging which in turn can cause significant cap damage. Sometimes, however it is not always possible to remove it prior and we will examine some best practices to prevent damage.

Best Practices for Showering with a Wig on.

If you have to wear a wig in the shower you must try hard to ensure that the wig doesnt get wet and neither does your hair underneath. Most of all the hair line must be protected.

  • Wear a shower cap, ensure that it is fitted correctly and that no hair escapes. Make sure that it fits snuggly with a good seal at the hair line.
  • Hair wraps may also be a good alternative if a shower cap wont work.
  • Dont put your head directly under the shower head and dont put your head back allowing water to flow upwards. You don’t want water to splash or run onto you hairline.
  • Be careful when removing the shower cap so as not to grab your wig at the same time
  • Check your adhesive (glue/tape) is dry after showering as this can

Can you shower with a wig on? It is best if you dont but if you have to then beware and take precautions. Wear a covering like a shower cap or a hair wrap, dont expose your head to the jets and protect your hairline at all costs.

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