Wig Terminology-What is a Monofilament Wig?

Monofilament describes a type of wig construction often used in association with other terms such as Monofilament Part, Single Monofilament and Double Monofilament. But What is a Monofilament Wig? and What does it mean for the wearer and why are they better? Reviews by Isabel will answer these questions.

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What is a Monofilament Wig?

Monofilament is a soft mesh that is incorporated into the construction of the wig cap and can be positioned at the front (part), crown or top.  During the wig making process the wig maker will thread and knot individual hair strands through the gaps in the monofilament mesh using a ventilating needle. These knots are all made by hand until the entire monofilament section of the wig is complete. Needless to say, hand tying knots is extremely labor intensive and time-consuming process that takes considerably longer than machine stitching others like wefted hair onto a machine-made cap. This additional time explains the difference in price between the same wig style with a basic machine-made cap and a monofilament part wig cap. The price premium is about 75%. There are Monofilament Human Hair wigs and Synthetic Monofilament wigs giving purchasers a broad selection to choose from.

Why is a Mono Wig Better?

The secret lies in the hand tied and knotted hair fibers. When each fiber is individually tied to the monofilament it moves and can be styled as an individual strand and closely mimicking bio hair. Wefted hair by comparison is a strip onto which hair strands are sown. These strips come in lengths and are machine stitched onto a wig cap. The hair fibers are connected and tend to move together and not individually and are not as natural looking as hair that has been attached to a monofilament by hand.

  1. Movement: The movement of the hair fiber is the closest to natural because it is individually tied.
  2. Multi Directional Parting: The wig can be parted in either direction and the look is natural and closely resembles biological hair. These styling options are not possible with a machine made, wefted wig cap.
  3. Natural Looking Scalp: The monofilament is transparent and gives the impression of real, natural looking scalp.
  4. Softer Feel: The soft, lightweight monofilament is also softer to the touch and feels better against the scalp for those with sensitive skin.
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Types of Monofilament Wig Caps.

There are main applications for monofilament in a wig cap.

  • Monofilament Part.

This is when the monofilament is positioned at the front of the wig cap allowing for a natural looking part on the front section of the wig. These styles are sometimes referred to as PM by the wig manufacturers.

  • Monofilament Top.

This is when the Monofilament is positioned on the top of the wig cap. Allows parting on either side or a center part for total freedom but this is the warmest option of monofilament cap options.

  • Monofilament Crown.

This is when the Monofilament is positioned at the crown. A monofilament crown creates the look of hair growth just in the crown area and is the coolest monofilament option.

  • Double Monofilament.

This is where an additional layer of monofilament is added inside the wig cap to provide additional comfort for the wearer. The double monofilament covers the exposed knots on the exterior monofilament and provides added protection for the scalp against even the smallest amount of abrasion. This is the ultimate in comfort and ideal for those with sensitive scalps.

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Monofilament Styles Available from the Following Manufacturers.

Raquel Welch Wigs - Couture, Black Label and Signature CollectionsJon Renau Wigs at the LA Wig Company

LA Wig Company.

The LA Wig Company offers a broad selection of Monofilament wigs on sale from great designers such as Raquel Welch, Jon Renau, Amore, Estetica Designs and Ellen Wille. Styles include Lace Front Monofilament Wigs and Monofilament Curly Wigs.  This cap technology will help you look classy and feel fabulous.

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