Angie by Jon Renau in 22-16S8 (Rooted Blonde)

Jon Renau Human Hair Color Chart

Jon Renau Human Hair Color Charts showcase an assortment of 53 different shades that are available options for their selection of Human Hair wigs and Toppers.  The Jon Renau Human Hair Color chart contains a full compliment of standard shades plus generous assortments of blended, tipped and highlighted options. These latter options have been expanded dramatically in recent years so as to mirror the growing popularity of salon coloring styles as ombre and balayage and the new demand for greys and platinum’s.

Jon Renau Human Hair Color Collections:

Over the past few years Jon Renau has launched a series of signature Color Collections to broaden the overall offering of contemporary and fashion forward color options. These now represent some of the best selling colors in the Human Hair collection.

Jon Renau California Blonde Collection:

In early 2019, Jon Renau launched the California Beach Blonde Collection. A series of 4 sassy blonde, highlighted shades that embody the vitality, health and energy of Southern California. Laguna Beach- FS24/102S12, Venice Beach- 22F16S8, Malibu Beach- 12FS12  and Palm Springs-  FS17/101S18

Renau Naturals:

Renau Naturals (RN) are processed without the use of textile-like dyes, therefore allowing professional alternative hair colorists to lift and deposit color up to 2-3 levels of color successfully. These are the only color shades that Jon Renau states can be altered and coloring should really be performed by professional colorists. Renau Naturals colors are only available for Renau Exclusive Human Hair styles.

Jon Renau Chocolate Collection:

A series of 4 stunning brunette shades with bold highlights and classy fashion shades.  Salted Caramel- FS26/31S6, Toffee Truffle- FS6/30/27

Midnight Cocoa- FS4/33/30A and Chocolate Cherry- FS2V/31V .

Understanding the Jon Renau Colors:

Jon Renau colors are coded systematically to make it easier for customers to find the perfect color. It starts with the standard industry numerical Color Level spectrum of Black, through Brunette, Blonde, Red, Grey and Platinum. Layer on top Jon Renau’s 3 Color Families (Blended/Tipped, Highlighted and Exclusive) and their associated alpha codes. Combine the two and kappow you have the unique color codes….  see link below for fuller explanation.

Jon Renau Human Hair Color Chart

Medium Red & medium Red-Gold Blonde
Medium Natural Red Hair

Where to Buy Jon Renau Wigs?

The LA Wig Company is an online wig boutique with a staunch commitment to quality products, great service and unbeatable prices. We are proud to represent the Jon Renau Wig Collections. They can be found online at

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