What is Remy Human Hair and Where Does it Come From?

As you consider a Human Hair wig purchase, you will likely come across the term Remy Human Hair. It is used to describe the best quality and the most expensive forms of Human Hair wigs. Lets comb through the facts about Remy Human Hair.

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What is Remy Human Hair?

Considered to be the highest quality of human hair used in wigs, hairpieces and extensions and originates from a donor who sells or donates hair voluntarily. The donated hair has its cuticles intact (and have not been stripped) and it is processed with all the cuticles running in the same direction from root to tip. Low and medium quality (Non-Remy) Human Hair is a mix of origins that is chemically stripped of its cuticles so that it can be machine processed without regard for direction or root-tip alignment. Maintaining the integrity of the uniform batches throughout the hair processing is the reason for the premium pricing.


What is Virgin Remy Human Hair?

In addition to the uniform direction of the cuticles, Virgin Remy Human hair has not been chemically treated in any way. It has not been dyed, permed or bleached and is in it’s original (virgin) state.

Advantages of Remy Human Hair.

The uniform direction of the cuticles offer very distinct benefits.

  1. Strength – Hair fibers are stronger and less brittle
  2. Movement – Flowing Hair fibers will lay down on each other naturally.
  3. Non Frizzing – Multi directional cuticles can become tangled and frizz, untamable.
  4. Appearance – The look and feel is more silky and soft to the touch.

Calling All Compliments by Raquel Welch in Shaded Golden Wheat - FrontJennifer by Jon Renau in 12-30BT (Rootbeer Float)

 Styles Shown: Blake Lite by Jon Renau in 4RN, Calling All Compliments by Raquel Welch – Shaded Golden Wheat, Jennifer by Jon Renau in 12-30BT, Award by Ellen Wille in Dark Chocolate Mix

Where does Remy Human Hair Come From?

The Human Hair market is a global market that continues to expand annually driven by soaring demand for wigs and extensions in Western Europe and the United States. Over 70% of human hair today originates from either China or India but recent increases have been seen in South America (Brazil and Peru) and also in Eastern Europe (Russia).  Quality varies and harvesting practices have come under scrutiny as large wig manufacturers seek to manage their supply chains and promote ethically sourced fiber with known origin and quality.

Remy Human Hair is the most sought after human hair fiber and is sourced voluntarily either by donation or by purchase. https://lawigcompany.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Wig-Colors-Who-do-you-want-to-be-1.jpgor One source of Human Hair is the Hindu temples in Southern India, where pilgrims sacrifice their hair in a practice called tonsuring. According to ancient scriptures all Hindus are required to voluntarily shave their heads at least once in their lifetime. At the Venkateswara Temple, in Tirumala, more than 1,300 barbers shave an average of 40 heads per day and the hair is sold to merchants at auction for distribution around the world.

Eastern European Human Hair (Raquel Welch Contessa and Princessa) is the most prized of all. Genetics, lifestyle and diet make this the best hair in the world owing to its healthy appearance, strength and natural blonde/brown coloring. This is gathered at ‘hair fairs’ where agents will bid for hair and shave it after a deal has been struck. Hair sold voluntarily for reimbursement is considered ‘ethically sourced’.

Princessa by Raquel Welch in Golden Blonde - QuarterContessa by Raquel Welch in Reddish Brown

Styles Shown: Contessa and Princessa by Raquel Welch

In order to ensure you are purchasing a human hair wig that has been handled with care and ethically sourced turn to reputable brands with confidence. Large corporations like Aderans (Noriko and Rene of Paris), HairuWear (Raquel Welch and Gabor) and Jon Renau invest heavily in establishing ethical sourcing practices that ensure the best quality fiber with an established chain of custody.

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