Emilia by Jon Renau in 27T613S8 (Shaded Sun)

Wig Reviews by Isabel – Emilia By Jon Renau

Emilia Jon Renau Wig Review:

The long bob (also called a LOB), is when the hair length is below the chin and above the collarbone and is cut like a bob. The Jon Renau Emilia wig is a fine example of this contemporary style that remains a trendy and sought-after choice for the girl on the go. Emilia delivers a stylish cut that is complementary to all face shapes and has proven very popular in greys and platinum. Often referred to as the lazy girl cut, this LOB is a joy to wear and a cinch to maintain.

Styling Options:

Emilia by Jon Renau is a longer length classic bob with the same length layers all of the way around. She settles nicely around the shoulders. A slight flip and curl inwards at the tips creates a natural face frame that is complementary for any face shape and the added length provides styling options for those seeking variety. Jon Renau’s Emilia has a 4 1/2 inch fringe that can be worn straight or swept to one side and 12 inch layers showering from the crown that give the piece it’s character. These can be left as is or accessorized up and away from the face. A casual sweep to one side is really all that is necessary to maximize the appeal. A 5 inch nape layers nicely to create a beautiful, natural silhouette. The Jon Renau Emilia wig is styled to perfection right out of the box and with a shake she is ready to go.

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Emilia by Jon Renau in 30A27S4 (Shaded Peach)Emilia by Jon Renau in 30A27S4 (Shaded Peach)Emilia by Jon Renau in 27T613S8 (Shaded Sun)Emilia by Jon Renau in 27T613S8 (Shaded Sun)

Colors Shown: 30A27S4 (Shaded Peach), 27T613S8 (Shaded Sun)

Wig Cap Construction:

Emilia is a part of Jon Renau’s awesome SmartLace Collection. This means that it incorporates all of the magic and versatility made possible by the latest in wig technology. The exquisite lace front allows for a meticulous hairline that is almost invisible to anything but the closest scrutiny. This allows for off-the face styling that is not possible with lesser products. The monofilament top creates the appearance of a natural scalp and allows for multidirectional parting.. part to the left, part to the right.. no problem….whatever you want. The open wefting at the back of the cap allows for temperature control and ensures that the scalp remains cool and the velvet ear tabs and rear tightening straps enable the wig to be secured with comfort.

Color Options.

Emilia is available in a full assortment of 37 amazing colors including Jon Renau’s super successful California Blondes collection of shaded/rooted beach tones. Interestingly demand for the White (60) has been off the charts in addition to the perennial favorite Shaded Praline (12FS8).

Emilia Jon Renau Wig Review: Summary:

Emilia is easy to own and maintain and comes out of the box with a styling that contemporary and chic. Styling options are plentiful for the more adventurous but frankly and the as-is look is enough for a gorgeous, trendy you. Price: $318

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