Human Hair Wig Colors Explained.

Human Hair Wig colors have been developed by each of the  wig manufacturers to represent a spectrum of options that are contemporary, fresh and lifelike. Customers want real life coloring options in their wigs in the same way as they want them from their colorist at the salon. Manufacturers have responded with a broad spectrum of color options for each of their human hair wigs and in some cases there can be 25-30 color options for each wig style. During the manufacturing process strict instructions are given for each color option and the blending of each to form the final bundle or weft used to make the final wig.

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Human Hair Color – Levels.

Human Hair colors can be categorized into levels. These are based on the well established industry standard spectrum of base color levels that range from black through brunette, blonde, red and grey/platinum. Each level is represented by a number. See chart below:


Human Hair Colors – Variants:

Given that bio hair is made up of different colors in a blend and more recent trends in hair coloring have adopted gradients, highlights and shading, Human Hair Wig colors have needed to remain in step with these fashion trends. Today’s options go beyond the base color levels to create fashion forward variants and while each manufacturer has their own terminology, the categories are relatively standard.


What is a Straight Color?

Human Hair Wigs made up of a single color level and no additional colors blended into it and no highlights. Most commonly these are darker shades 1, 2, 4, 6, 8.  (Black to Dark Brown).

What  are Blended Wig Colors?

Human Hair Wigs that are made from a blend or a mix of colors. Colorists will combine fibers of different colors in different quantities to produce a variable tone that has more depth and is more contemporary.

What are Highlighted Wig Colors?

Human Hair wigs with highlights are darker hair fibers combined with lighter hair fibers to create a contrast. Lowlights are where a lighter base color fiber is contrasted with darker fibers.

What is a Rooted Wig? (Shadow Shades)

Rooted wig colors have become increasingly popular over the past few years. When the color of the hair fiber near to the root is darker than the rest of the fiber. When combined it’s a great way to give depth and dimension.

Human Hair Coloring Process.

Human hair is processed by lightening the hair to the highest level prior to depositing textile-like hair dyes to achieve a specific color. Chemicals are used to first strip pigmentation from the fibers and then the dyes are applied to create the pre-defined colors. Once complete, hair fiber can now be combined or blended to the exact specifications of the wig maker.

Can you Dye a Human Hair Wig?

While the internet is full of advice on how to dye a human hair wig, The LA Wig Company does not recommend it unless there are clear instructions from the manufacturer. A Human Hair Wig is a high value item and can be damaged beyond repair. In a rare number of cases, coloring a human hair wig is possible and professional colorists should be consulted. Jon Renau – Renau Naturals Colors(RN) are processed without the use of textile-like dyes, therefore allowing professional alternative hair colorists to lift and deposit color up to 2-3 levels of color successfully.

Jon Renau Human Hair Colors:

The Jon Renau Human Hair Collection is characterized by Straight Base Level Colors, Blended Colors, Highlights and Lowlights and Shaded or Syrup Colors (Rooted). The collection also includes 5 Renau Naturals colors that can be colorized.

Raquel Welch Human Hair Colors:

The Raquel Welch Couture, Raquel Welch Black Label and the Raquel Welch European Collection each contain a broad selection of Blended Human Hair Colors, Highlighted Human Hair Colors and Shadow Shades. (Rooted) Shadow Shades are ten beautifully rooted colors that are subtly constructed to offer the depth that makes rooted colors so popular without overdoing the effect!

Raquel Welch Eastern European Human Hair Color Options.


Raquel Welch Couture Human Hair Colors

Raquel Welch Remy Human Hair Colors: Shop Raquel Welch Couture Collection

Raquel Welch Black Label Collection Colors:

Raquel Welch Human Hair Colors: Shop Raquel Welch Black Label Collection

Ellen Wille Human Hair Colors

Estetica Designs Human Hair Colors

LA Wig Company – Best Quality Human Hair Wigs

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