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Estetica Wigs products are curated in 5 amazing collections. Hair Dynasty Collection, Naturalle Collection, Luxuria Collection, Classique Collection and the High Society Collection. Each brings different cap design features and a consistent commitment to quality, elegance and comfort.

Estetica Designs takes great pride in the craftsmanship of their products and believe that comfort and style should go hand in hand. 16 fabulous Human Hair styles and over 80 Synthetic options brought to you with a vivid palette of fashion forward shades and colors.

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Hair Dynasty Collection: (Remi Human Hair Wigs)

Hair Dynasty is a collection of the finest Remy Human Hair Wigs. Ten Long and Medium Length styles made from the finest Human Hair allows for a supreme natural appearance and feel. Revel in the beauty of soft, silky hair for a look that is simply luxurious and elegant. Lace Front, Hand Tied and Monofilament Cap Designs Available.  Bestseller: Angelina

Styles Shown: Brook  | Angelina | Isabel

High Society Collection: ( Monofilament Wigs)

High Society is a collection of  Synthetic Wigs with the most lightweight monofilament top wigs. Monofilament wig caps give the appearance of natural hair growth and offer natural movement and the ability to part. This provides a greater freedom for styling.  Experience the versatility of a look that is perfectly breathable and beautiful.

Styles Shown: Alden | Brooklyn | Preston

Naturalle Collection: (Lace Front Wigs)

Naturalle is a collection of virtually invisible front lace wigs. A selection of stylish, sophisticated and contemporary designs that are designed around wig caps with a discrete and delicate lace fronts. With the appearance of a natural hairline, these styles offer the opportunity for off the face styling. Reveal your natural beauty with a look that is radiant and graceful

Styles Shown: Avalon | Ellis | Jamison

Luxuria Collection: (Exclusive Remy Human Hair)

The Luxuria Collection features the most exclusive Hand-Tied Remy human hair wigs. Each wig is uniquely handmade using the most elite quality Remi human hair ensuring the most sensuous feel and softness. 6 luxurious styles for the ultimate wig experience.

Style Shown: Sabrina | Emmeline | Liliana


Classique Collection: ( Pure Stretch Cap Wigs)

Classique is a collection featuring Pure Stretch Cap® technology. Estetica Designs gained prominence after developing and trademarking the revolutionary Pure Stretch Cap® technology. This is an Open Cap design that is lightweight, cool and supremely comfortable.  Pure Stretch’s exclusive design allows the entire perimeter of the wig cap to stretch, eliminating any pressure points and ensuring the most comfortable fit ever. Serving as the key building block, the Pure Stretch Cap® technology is utilized in the development and creation of each wig. Indulge in the utmost comfort for a look that is purely you

Styles Shown: Ellen | Hunter | True


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Estetica Wigs and the LA Wig Company

The LA Wig Company is an online wig boutique committed to offering the finest wigs at the best prices. We are a proud partner of Estetica Designs.

Estetica Designs Full Collection



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