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Introducing: Estetica Designs Wigs

Estetica Designs Wig Collections are brought to you by Estetica Designs, a premier manufacturer of wigs and hair pieces. Estetica Designs was founded in 1979 and quickly became known as pioneers in the industry after developing and trademarking the revolutionary Pure Stretch Cap® technology. This exclusive design allows the entire perimeter of the wig cap to stretch, eliminating any pressure points and ensuring the most comfortable fit ever. Serving as the key building block, the Pure Stretch Cap® technology is utilized in the development and creation of each wig.

At Estetica Designs, we take great pride in the craftsmanship of our products and believe that comfort and style should go hand in hand. Our talented design team constantly experiments with the latest technologies to develop beautiful new colors and styles, as well as improve upon classic favorites. From luxurious, silky human hair to the wonderfully natural feel of our synthetic fiber, Estetica Designs offers the softest, most manageable hair in a spectrum of stunning colors. The variety within each of our collections speaks to our vast audience with careful consideration given to style, color, construction and price.

Estetica Designs is completely dedicated to maintaining the standard of excellence we have set in the industry for quality, products and customer service to ensure a positive experience for you. From timeless classic styles to fresh, modern new looks, Estetica Designs has endless options for a perfectly comfortable, perfectly beautiful you.

Estetica Designs Wig Collections:

  • Luxuria – Exclusive Remy Human Hair Wigs

Soft, silky and beyond divine. The Luxuria Collection by Estetica Designs features the most exclusive remi human hair wigs. There is virtually no mechanical stitching in the creation of each Luxuria wig, demanding the highest level of craftsmanship. Each individual hair is tied in place by hand, providing the utmost in comfort and the most realistic appearance imaginable. Discover breathtaking texture and indulgent comfort designed to make you look and feel luxurious.

  • Hair Dynasty – Human Hair Wigs

Hair Dynasty is a collection of the finest remi human hair wigs. From mono top to 100% hand-made, the quality, design and craftsmanship are the finest available. The result is soft, silky and manageable hair with the most natural look and comfortable fit imaginable.

  • High Society – Monofilament Wigs

High Society Collection monofilament wigs Sophistication meets versatility. Our High Society Collection consists of superior quality wigs that offer endless styling possibilities while still giving you a natural, beautiful look. Designed with monofilament tops, our wigs give you the most natural looking scalp, so there’s no more worrying about parting your style a certain way

  • Naturalle – Front Lace Line Wigs

Our Naturalle Collection is a collection of virtually invisible front lace line wigs that do not require any tape or glue. It doesn’t get any easier than that. The lace contours to your forehead and, with a simple application of foundation, disappears giving you a beautiful, natural looking hairline. Different cap constructions offer endless styling possibilities. Feel beautiful and look beautiful.

  • Classique Collection – Pure Stretch Cap® Wigs

Don’t sacrifice comfort for beauty. Instead, indulge yourself in the most comfortable wigs available. Let us introduce you to our Classique Collection featuring the Pure Stretch Cap ®. Our collection features an exclusive design that allows the entire perimeter of our wig caps to stretch, eliminating any pressure points and ensuring you the most comfortable fit ever. Comfort and beauty never fit together so perfectly

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