Royce by Amore – Synthetic Wig


Wavy ready-to-wear wig is stunning with soft and wavy layers and side swept fringe.

Colors Shown: Rose Gold, Melted Coconut


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Introducing Royce by Amore: Lace Front, Double Monofilament, Synthetic Wig

Royce from the Amore XO Plus Collection is a long-length synthetic wig. This wavy ready-to-wear wig is stunning with soft and wavy layers and side swept fringe. This style has numerous styling options to switch up your everyday look. Our Royce cap construction is Monofilament and lace front plus soft net. The lace front is a hairline fusion technology with minimal lace front for a natural look. Wefts sewn onto soft, light breathable material that contours to the shape of the head. Amore XO Plus features the same XO quality in a lighter cap with airy single monofilament for maximum comfort and breathability

Royce by Amore Specifications:

CAP DESIGN: Lace Front, Double Monofilament Cap
CAP SIZE: Average
FRINGE: 4.5″ – 6.5″
CROWN: 10″
NAPE: 16″
HAIR TYPE:  Synthetic
STYLE:  Wavy

Royce by Amore Features:

The Amore Wig Collection – Innovation for Every Day Wear!:  The AmoreTM Wig Collection, Aderans Hair Goods’ medical line of luxurious, finely crafted full and partial wigs, is designed with hair loss and scalp sensitivity in mind. What sets this brand apart are the innovative cap constructions that feature light, soft, breathable, and stretchable materials for all-day comfort.

What is a Monofilament Cap Wig? Monofilament feature means that each hair is tied to a soft lace material by hand. A monofilament crown, part, or top mimics the appearance of hair growth from the scalp. Hair can be parted in either direction and helps the wig look much more natural.  The sheer mesh also lets your scalp show through for the most realistic look possible.

What is a Lace Front Wig? “lace front” means that a piece of sheer lace mesh is located at the front of the wig cap. Hairs are individually hand tied onto the lace front piece in order to create a more natural appearance. Lace front wigs are usually more light weight and much more comfortable than an ordinary wig. You usually have more versatility to style it different ways which also adds to the undetectable nature and natural look!

What is a Synthetic Hair Wig? Synthetic wigs are created from man-made fibers using specialized technology to give the overall appearance and feel of real hair. They arrive styled out of the box and hold their styling even after washing. Quality has improved dramatically in recent years and distinction from Human Hair wigs is often difficult to see.

What are Amore Rooted Colors? Rooted Colors feature a darker color depth at the root which simulates more natural growing hair. This creates stunning styles with natural-looking color, vibrancy, and dimension.

What are Amore Long Rooted Colors? Long Rooted Colors offers a dramatic ombre style root with a gradual lightening towards the ends.

Link: The Pros and Cons of Synthetic Fiber


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Dark Chocolate, Ginger Brown, Toasted Brown, Medium Brown, Milk Tea, Marble Brown Rooted, Ice Blond, Champagne, Mochaccino Rooted, Spring Honey Rooted, Creamy Toffee Rooted, Rose Gold Rooted, Melted Marshmallow, Snowy Saphire Rooted, Melted Coconut, Plumberry Jam Long Rooted