Orchid by Estetica- Synthetic Wig


Long Length, Lace Front, Synthetic Wig.  Long Layered Style with Free Flowing Waves & Face Framing Layers

COLOR SHOWN: Sunlit Blonde, Chromert1B, SilversunRT8, IcyShadow, ChocolateSmoke

See Estetica Designs Color Chart


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Orchid by Estetica- Synthetic Wig

Orchid Wig by Estetica is a long Length, Lace Front, Synthetic Wig. Free flowing, gorgeous waves and face framing layers bring natural movement and soft volume to Orchid. With the perfect amount of layering, Orchid is wonderfully lightweight and just so wearable.

Estetica Orchid Wig Specifications:

CAP DESIGN: Lace Front
CAP SIZE: Average

BANG – 9″
SIDE – 10″
CROWN – 12″
NAPE – 13″
WEIGHT – 4.66oz

HAIR TYPE:  Synthetic
LENGTH: Long layered
STYLE:  Straight/ Wavy

Estetica Design Features:

The Estetica Designs Wig Collection – Established in 1979, Estetica Designs is a premier manufacturer of wigs and hair pieces. Estetica Designs quickly became known as pioneers in the industry after developing and trademarking the revolutionary Pure Stretch Cap® technology. This exclusive design allows the entire perimeter of the wig cap to stretch, eliminating any pressure points and ensuring the most comfortable fit ever. Serving as the key building block, the Pure Stretch Cap® technology is utilized in the development and creation of each wig.

Estetica Designs takes great pride in the craftsmanship of it’s products and believe that comfort and style should go hand in hand. A talented design team constantly experiments with the latest technologies to develop beautiful new colors and styles, as well as improve upon classic favorites. From luxurious, silky human hair to the wonderfully natural feel of  synthetic fiber, Estetica Designs offers the softest, most manageable hair in a spectrum of stunning colors. The variety within each collection speaks to a vast audience with careful consideration given to style, color, construction and price.

What is a Lace Front Wig: “lace front” means that a piece of sheer lace mesh is located at the front of the wig cap. Hairs are individually hand tied onto the lace front piece in order to create a more natural appearance. Lace front wigs are usually more light weight and much more comfortable than an ordinary wig. You usually have more versatility to style it different ways which also adds to the undetectable nature and natural look!

What is a Synthetic Hair Wig? Synthetic wigs are created from man-made fibers using specialized technology to give the overall appearance and feel of real hair. They arrive styled out of the box and hold their styling even after washing. Quality has improved dramatically in recent years and distinction from Human Hair wigs is often difficult to see.





Tap Color Swatch & View in Product Gallery - Estetica Synthetic Colors

R1B Off Black, R2/4 Darkest Brown-Dark Brown Blend, R4/6 Dark Brown w/ Chestnut Brown Blend., R4/8 Dark Brown-Golden Brown Blend, Vogue – Darkest Brown/Deep Red Blend, Spice Dark Brown/Dark Auburn/Bright Red Blend, ChocolateSmoke – Dark Brown/Chesnut Brown Blend w/ Fine Slate Blue Highlights, Starfire – Dark Brown/Dark Auburn/Bright Red Blend, R32F Dark Brown-Dark Auburn Frost, R6/10 Chestnut Brown/Medium Ash Brown Blend, R6/27H Chestnut Brown w/ Light Auburn Highlights, R6/28F Chestnut Brown w/ Red Frost, R8/12 Golden Brown-Light Brown Blend, CaramelKiss – Golden Brown w/ Light Copper Blonde Highlights, R8/26H Golden Brown w/ Golden Blonde Highlights, R8LF14 Golden brown Lightening to Dark Blonde Mix in Front, R12/26H Light Brown w/ Golden Blonde Highlights on Top, R12/26CH Light Brown w/ Chunky Golden Blonde Highlights, R14/8H Golden Brown w/ Dark Blonde Highlights on Top, R14/26H Dark Blonde w/ Golden Blonde Highlights, R613BG14 Dark Blonde w/ Fine Pale Blonde Highlights & Pale Blonde Tipped Ends, RH1488 Dark Blonde w/ Lightest Blonde Highlights, R24/18BT Golden Blonde Blended & Tipped w/ Ash Blonde, RTH613/27 Light Auburn w/ Pale Blonde Highlights & Pale Blonde Tipped Ends, RT613/27 Light Auburn tipped w/ Pale Blonde, R30/28/26 Medium Auburn-Light Auburn-Golden Blonde Blend, R133/24H Auburn Bright Red w/ Pale Golden Blonde Highlights, R32/28H Dark Auburn w/ Light Brown Highlights, LilacHaze – Gary & White blended w/ Lilac, IcyShadow – Iced Blonde Dusted w/ Soft Sand & Golden Brown Roots w/ Golden Brown Underneath., Rooted – CKissRT4 Golden Brown w/ Copper Blonde Highlights & Dark Brown Roots, Rooted – RH1488RT8 – Dark Blonde w/ Lightest Blonde Highlights & Golden Brown Roots, Rooted – RH12/26RT4 Light Brown w/ Chunky Golden Blonde Highlights & Dark Brown Roots, Rooted – RH26/613RT8 Golden Blonde w/ Pale Blonde Highlights & Golden Brown Roots, Rooted – RT330RT4 Medium Auburn Tipped w/ Dark Auburn & Dark Brown Roots, Rooted – ROM6240RT4 Golden Brown Base w/ Subtle Graduation to Copper Blonde, Rooted – Chromert1B Gray & White w/ 25% Medium Brown Blend & Off Black Roots, Rooted – Sunlit Blonde, Rooted – SilverSunRT8 Iced Blonde Dusted w/ Soft Sand & Golden Brown Roots