Envy Wigs

Envy Wigs – A collection of classic and contemporary styles characterized by exquisite craftmanship, fashion forward designs and fabulous fiber. Wigs by Envy will make you Look Classy and Feel Fabulous.

Fashion may get all the attention, but whether she’s wearing couture or jeans and a t-shirt, a woman with great hair…she has what everyone wants. And you can too. As you explore the Envy Wigs collection, you’ll discover the silky, shiny, alluring hair women long for—and men fall for. Thanks to world-renowned U.S. designer and Envy Wigs founder Alan Eaton, you can have what they all want.

Whether you’re just seeking variety, style, or looking for a hair replacement that looks as fantastic as it feels, you’ll find something perfect to wear every day. Go straight, textured, long, short, light or dark. Show your confidence in our Open Top designs, enjoy the softness of our Mono Part styles, be a natural beauty in Lace Front and Mono Top looks, or daring, yet demure, in Hand Tied and Envyhair styles. Envy Wigs are designed to fit every mood, every style, every personality…every woman.

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